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Episode 130: Stop Doing These Things in Your Business

When business gets busy, it’s even more important to focus on what matters most. Today I’m sharing five things we should all stop doing in our coaching businesses to support our mental health and stay in alignment with our values.

Episode 123: Chill & Prosper with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mentor for the new wave of online entrepreneurs who want to make money and change the world. She joins us today to talk about the shame, fear, and guilt that gets tied up with our feelings about money, the unsuspecting ways our money mindset impacts our businesses, and how we can change that.

Ep 117 Blog Jordan Manay

Episode 117: Making Space for Rest with Jordan Maney

Radical Joy Coach™ Jordan Maney joins us to talk about why rest is so much more than sleep and how you can rethink your perspective on rest to have the fuel you need to do the work and advocacy most meaningful to you.

Episode 116: How to Create Meaningful Content without Burning Yourself Out

Content marketing is a fantastic way to build relationships with the people we want to serve. At the same time, it can be a straight path to burnout without the proper support. Today we’re talking about the Content Cycle and how understanding its phases can support you at every stage of your content journey.

Episode 106: Bringing Integrity to Your Sales Process with Erika Tebbens

In a world where shady sales practices are commonplace and profit above everything is the status quo, Erika Tebbens is here to shift our perspective and show us that we can hit our big goals while still remaining in integrity and alignment with our values. In this episode, Erika shares her approach to sales and how you can start to get more comfortable with sales in your coaching practice.

Episode 103: Starting a Coaching Business? Do this first!

Today I’m sharing the story of how my coaching business came to be and all of the mistakes I made along the way. The concepts and principles we’re talking about are applicable throughout the lifespan of your business so whether you’re brand new or you’ve been in practice for years, I think you’ll really enjoy this episode.