Helping YOU tap into your wisdom, intuition, and success as a coach.

Hey there, I’m Lee, and I’m here to help you connect with a deeper, more aligned form coaching — and to build a successful coaching business while you do it.

I’ve helped hundreds of coaches just like YOU align with their skills, spirit, and business sense so they can build successful businesses and fulfilling lives. With the resources I’ve created, you’ll have what you need to develop both the skill set and mindset to help your clients transform their lives.

Best of all, you’ll have a coaching business that’s fully aligned with your values and your purpose, and an unshakable confidence in your abilities as a coach and entrepreneur.

This is where your coaching skills, spirit, and business intuition align.

Coach with Clarity

Coach with Clarity is an exclusive membership site for intuitive helpers and creatives ready to master the art of coaching and build a sustainable, successful coaching business.

The program is also ICF-accredited
Continuing Coach Education.

Private Coaching

Exclusive, 1:1 coaching packages are available to therapists, coaches, and healing professionals hoping to clarify their vision and create workable goals based on their values.

During this time, you’ll align your coaching style and work to create a business you love.


Tuning into your wisdom and aligning it into your business model is easier said than done. That’s why I’ve created so many resources to support you on as you align and grow.

Learn who you serve, how to create a transformational coaching experience, and more.


The Coach with Clarity podcast is for coaches, creatives, helpers, and healers ready to align their coaching skills and business sense to build a profitable business and fulfilling life. 

Get ready to dive deep into what it takes to start, grow, and scale your business — all with a healthy dose of woo!

Want to know more about me?


I’m an ICF-certified business coach, creator of the Coach with Clarity® framework, a licensed clinical social worker, host of the Coach with Clarity podcast, and author of the book ACT on Your Business.

As a healer by nature myself, I know just how challenging yet fulfilling transformational coaching can be. And I know that, while you’ve got the skills and desire to do this work, knowing how to create an aligned business framework while mastering the art of coaching is a whole new world.

That’s why I created Coach with Clarity® — my framework for helping you tap into your wisdom, serve your clients in truly life-changing ways, and create a business that thrives while doing it.

In my Coach with Clarity® framework, I take a holistic approach to examining the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of your life as a coach, as an intuitive, as a person.

I’ve been able to help hundreds of coaches tap into their wisdom, serve their clients in truly life-changing ways, and create a business that thrives while doing it.

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