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You're on the path to becoming a

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You’re engaging in every client call with complete confidence in your coaching abilities.

You’ve mastered advanced coaching skills and approaches, blending them with your intuitive strengths to create powerful change for your clients.

You’re no longer worried about saying or doing the wrong thing with your clients because you know the right steps to take — and when to take them.

Your clients are inspired and ready to take action after every session. They trust you as a gifted and powerful coach, and are achieving results they never dreamed possible.

Your coaching business is fulfilling, profitable, and growing.

The best part — you're anchored in serving clients who light you up.

You’re a Certified Clarity Coach.

As the demand for coaching grows,
there's never been a better time to be a coach.

People are looking for support from highly skilled coaches more than ever. And having a coaching certification sets you apart as a natural choice in an industry where credentialing is optional. 

Becoming a certified coach lets clients know you’re legit — while demonstrating you have the skills to help them reach their goals.

Strengthen your coaching skills and confidence in a program that blends strategy, business sense, and intuition to powerfully serve your client.

“This program is foundational for anyone who is looking to start a coaching practice.”

Before joining, I wanted to get my coaching practice off the ground, but I felt stuck. I did not feel like I had the skill set to move forward.

As a Certified Clarity Coach, I feel much more confident in my coaching skills and I'm primed to launch a group coaching offering.

I recommend this program to my fellow entrepreneurial coaches because it offers learning around all aspects of coaching: skills, business, mindset, program development, and more.

—Wendy A Naiman, Shining Light Coaching

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Hi, I’m Lee.

I’m Lee Chaix McDonough, a business coach, therapist, and the creator of Coach with Clarity®.

I believe powerful coaches can change the world. When service-driven professionals are equipped with a flexible, values-based coaching approach, there’s no limit to the transformation their clients and communities will experience.

Coach with Clarity is a holistic framework that fuses meaning, mindset, and mindfulness with grounded intuition and solid business strategy to help you excel at entrepreneurship and transform your life and the lives of your clients.

As part of that framework, I’ve created the Certified Clarity Coach training program, an ICF-accredited certification program designed to train and certify intuitive, service-focused professionals to become powerful coaches.

During this 4-month, 60 hour program, you’ll build your foundations as a coach and get practical experience coaching others. You’ll learn a unique coaching modality that’s inspired by the tenets of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). With a focus on meaning, mindset, and mindfulness, this ACT-informed approach to coaching will help you support clients and your own personal growth.

You’ll graduate the program with mastery of the Coach with Clarity Framework, equipped with both the skill set and the mindset to be an extraordinary coach and a successful entrepreneur.

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