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Successful Launch Lessons

Episode 112: Seven Lessons of a Successful Launch

I’m sharing the seven lessons I learned from my recent launch of the Coach with Clarity Collective. Wherever you are in the journey of your coaching business, I think you’ll find that these principles are foundational to running a strong, thriving, and sustainable coaching business.

Elle Drouin Stock Photos

Episode 111: Stock Photography for Coaches with Elle Drouin

Finding photos to use on your website and social media pages that are a good fit for your brand can be a challenge. Elle Drouin of Styled Stock Society shares how you can move past this stumbling block and create beautiful content for your coaching business that’s completely in alignment with your brand.

coaching certifications

Episode 110: Coaching Certifications: Updates You Need to Know

Is a coaching certification the next step in your journey? What do the recent ICF changes mean for you if you already completed an accredited program? Today I’m breaking down the changes to the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) credentialing and accreditation process and what it means for you as a coach.

Laura Mae Northrup

Episode 108: Radical Healership with Laura Mae Northrup

Psychotherapist and author Laura Mae Northrup shares her perspective on doing our own healing work as healing practitioners, how to find your deep spiritual truth, why we need to rethink how systematic oppression influences our perspective in our practices, and her unique writing process.

Episode 106: Bringing Integrity to Your Sales Process with Erika Tebbens

In a world where shady sales practices are commonplace and profit above everything is the status quo, Erika Tebbens is here to shift our perspective and show us that we can hit our big goals while still remaining in integrity and alignment with our values. In this episode, Erika shares her approach to sales and how you can start to get more comfortable with sales in your coaching practice.

Episode 105: The Four Keys to a Rock Solid Coaching Business

Every coaching business needs a solid marketing strategy but before we get there we need to make sure that we have four key elements locked down that will inform everything about your marketing and sales processes. Today I’m sharing these elements and how you can create a solid foundation for your coaching business.

Episode 103: Starting a Coaching Business? Do this first!

Today I’m sharing the story of how my coaching business came to be and all of the mistakes I made along the way. The concepts and principles we’re talking about are applicable throughout the lifespan of your business so whether you’re brand new or you’ve been in practice for years, I think you’ll really enjoy this episode.

Episode 102: Launching Confidently with Tasha Booth

Today we’re joined by Tasha Booth, the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild, a full-service launch support agency working with established coaches and course creators with course & podcast launches. We’re digging into the nitty-gritty of how to set yourself up for success with your next online program or service launch.