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Keegan Jennings

Episode 57: Scaling Small – How to Launch a Membership

We’re continuing our exploration of what it means to scale small, with a dive into launching a membership program in your coaching business. I’m walking you through the key questions to ask yourself before starting your membership program and how to get it off the ground.

Episode 55: Scaling Small – How to Create a Workshop

To kick off our series on growing your practice with group offers, we’re first exploring whether or not you need to scale your coaching practice and then how you can incorporate aligned and effective workshops in your business.

Truth About Six Figures Ep 51 Blog

Episode 51: The Real Truth About Six Figures

A big part of having a thriving and sustainable coaching business has to do with revenue, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Today I’m sharing the side of six-figures that’s often left out and how you can choose metrics of success that make sense for you and your business.

Episode 45: Planning Your Ideal Week

Effective planning comes from a highly individualized process. I’m sharing my strategy for planning my week and I hope you’ll find it helpful and inspirational. Feel free to modify it to make it your own!