Category: Business Growth

Episode 45: Planning Your Ideal Week

Effective planning comes from a highly individualized process. I’m sharing my strategy for planning my week and I hope you’ll find it helpful and inspirational. Feel free to modify it to make it your own!

Episode 34: Legal Basics for Coaches with Braden Drake

Business entities, contracts, insurance, and taxes!? Join me as we breakdown these intimidating topics with Braden Drake, a licensed attorney with a Masters in tax law. This week we talk about how to best stay compliant, protect yourself, and your coaching business.

Episode 33: The Four Types of Coaching Sessions

This week we discuss what I have found to be the four most common types of coaching sessions. We also explore the balance of providing some routine and expectation within a session, while also creating space for exploration and creativity.

Coach with Clarity Podcast Lee Chaix McDonough

Episode 31: Do I REALLY Need a Niche?

In this week’s episode, we will define ‘niche’ and discover the qualities of a strong niche for your business. As one of the most common questions I receive, we will also discuss common objections I hear around choosing a niche and potential roadblocks you could encounter by remaining a generalist.