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Category: Business Growth

Episode 122: Summer Slump? Here’s What to Do.

Today we’re getting curious about why the summer slump happens, and I’m sharing tools you can use for yourself and your clients to break out of the summer slump and get back to a place of alignment.

Episode 120: Should You Create a New Offer?

Coming up with an idea for a new offer in your coaching business is exciting and bringing that idea to life requires an investment of time, energy, and money. Today I’m sharing the exact questions to ask yourself before creating a new offer to ensure it’s aligned with your values and will ultimately benefit you and your clients.

Episode 119: Make the Most of Your Website with Samantha Mabe

Website Designer Samantha Mabe shares the essential elements every coach should have on their website. She dives into what to include to attract potential clients, how to make it a no-brainer for them to take the next step, and the questions to ask before you partner with a web designer.

Episode 118: Should Coaches Tell Their Clients What to Do?

How can coaches provide guidance and input that centers your client while prioritizing the partnership and respecting the client’s autonomy? Today I’m sharing best practices for sharing thoughts and ideas with clients and how to course correct if you land in one of the common pitfalls.

Ep 117 Blog Jordan Manay

Episode 117: Making Space for Rest with Jordan Maney

Radical Joy Coach™ Jordan Maney joins us to talk about why rest is so much more than sleep and how you can rethink your perspective on rest to have the fuel you need to do the work and advocacy most meaningful to you.

Episode 116: How to Create Meaningful Content without Burning Yourself Out

Content marketing is a fantastic way to build relationships with the people we want to serve. At the same time, it can be a straight path to burnout without the proper support. Today we’re talking about the Content Cycle and how understanding its phases can support you at every stage of your content journey.

Episode 114: 4 Things Every Coach Needs in their Business

As your coaching business grows, the way you do business has to grow with you. From clear offers to how your clients pay and the support you need as a business owner, in this episode I’m sharing the four elements every coach needs in their business.

Episode 112: Seven Lessons of a Successful Launch

I’m sharing the seven lessons I learned from my recent launch of the Coach with Clarity Collective. Wherever you are in the journey of your coaching business, I think you’ll find that these principles are foundational to running a strong, thriving, and sustainable coaching business.