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Category: Coaching Call

Episode 68: [Coaching Call] Defining Your Coaching Practice with Courtney Watson

In this conversation with Coach with Clarity member Courtney Watson we talk about common questions that come up in the transition from therapy to coaching. We cover how to differentiate between therapy clients and coaching clients, how to know if a certain approach or technique is appropriate for coaching, how to find ideal clients for that program, and more.

Coach with Clarity Podcast Lee Chaix McDonough

Episode 60: [Coaching Call] Creating a Membership Program with Gina Ramirez

This episode is a sneak peek into one of the hot seat coaching sessions in the Coach with Clarity membership. Coach with Clarity Member Gina Ramirez is interested in the idea of starting a membership group and together we explore whether it’s the right model for her business and key areas to consider before starting a membership program.