Category: Coaching Skills

Episode 159: The Art of Coaching: Next Level Listening

Next-level listening is at the heart of being a masterful coach. Today I’m exploring the traditional approach to active listening, what it means to be a next-level listener, and additional ways to approach listening that will enhance our clients’ experiences.

Episode 158: The Art of Coaching: Developing Your Coaching Presence

Embodying a coaching presence is at the core of partnering with our clients to co-create a space where they feel seen, heard, and understood. Today we’re exploring what that looks like in your day-to-day coaching, why I believe this is a prerequisite to becoming a powerful coach, and what you can do to build your coaching presence.

Episode 147: 2023: The Year of the Coach

Today I’m sharing why I’m declaring 2023 as the Year of the Coach and what we need to do as coaches to position ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities to come.