Category: Coaching Skills

Episode 87: The Opportunity-Overwhelm Cycle

As we enter the season of planning and preparation for the new year, many of us find ourselves going back and forth between the excitement about all the things we want to create and the anxiety and overwhelm at thought of actually doing them. That’s the Opportunity-Overwhelm Cycle and today we’re talking about why it happens and what we can do to break the cycle.

Episode 85: What Does “Ethical” Mean in Coaching?

The topic of ethics is critical not only in the context of the coaching profession but in business in general. When you define your own ethical standards, you’re really looking at how your values are brought to life through your actions. From there, it becomes much easier to talk about them in the context of coaching and with your clients and it makes it much easier to attract right-fit clients into your business.

Episode 81: What It Means to Be a Coach with Clarity

What is coaching? In this episode I’m going beyond the standard definitions and sharing my definition of coaching, what it means to be a Coach with Clarity, and how this definition incorporates the process and purpose of a coaching relationship.

Episode 80: Trauma-Sensitive Coaching with Lisa Kuzman

As coaches, I believe it’s our ethical obligation to be trauma-sensitive so that we can show up and serve our clients powerfully and safely. Lisa Kuzman joins me on this episode to talk about what it means to be trauma-sensitive, what it looks like to bring a trauma-sensitive approach to our work, and more.

Episode 76: Cultivating Community in your Group Program

Today I’m calling out the growing no-sales-calls movement. Connection calls are a vital part of shaping the community aspect of our programs and skipping over them does both you and your members and students a disservice. I’m sharing the benefits of doing these calls and how you can establish and cultivate community within your group program.

Episode 74: Why You Shouldn’t Become Certified

The Certified Clarity Coach training program is designed as a comprehensive training program that meets you wherever you are in your coaching journey. It’s a program that can change lives but I also understand that not everyone should pursue certification. Today I’m discussing the reasons a coaching certification may not be right for you.