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Coach with Clarity Podcast Lee Chaix McDonough

Episode 29: What’s the Difference Between Therapy and Coaching?

This week we address the differences between therapy and coaching – not only will we define and review the application of each profession, but we will also discuss the limitations of each. As a former therapist turned coach, I provide some insight into how client conversations and goal setting should differ in the two settings.

Episode 26: How Much Should We Share with Our Clients?

Are you setting boundaries with your clients? In this episode, we’re going to go over some ground rules for self-disclosure in coaching sessions, when it is appropriate to share and then, of course, when it’s not appropriate to share.

Coach with Clarity Podcast - Coaching Through Shame

Episode 20: Coaching Through Shame

This week we are going to explore what shame is, and we are going to contrast it from an associated feeling of guilt. We’ll talk about possible causes of shame, the effects of shame, and then we will talk about how we can effectively coach our clients around and through shame.

Coach with Clarity Podcast - Coaching Through Anger

Episode 19: Coaching Through Anger

If you have been putting into practice everything from the Getting Started series, you’re probably starting to generate interest in your coaching. So on this episode, we’re covering what you should do when someone approaches you and says “Hey, I’m interested in learning more!” Because sometimes, that can be one of the scariest parts of the process.