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Category: Coaching Skills

Episode 147: 2023: The Year of the Coach

Today I’m sharing why I’m declaring 2023 as the Year of the Coach and what we need to do as coaches to position ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities to come.

Episode 127: Wealthy and Fulfilled with Portia Jackson

Portia Jackson is obsessed with all things related to personal finance, designing your fulfilled life, and the Enneagram. She joins us to talk about the importance of money, wealth, and coaching and how you can build wealth as an online business owner.

Episode 124: How to Fail Successfully

When working with coaching clients, we often come from a place of trying to help them avoid failure. What if we shift that thinking? It’s not our job to help our clients eliminate failure. It’s to help them redefine their relationship with it and leverage that failure for success. Today we’re talking about navigating failure in a way that leverages our experiences into future success.

Episode 122: Summer Slump? Here’s What to Do.

Today we’re getting curious about why the summer slump happens, and I’m sharing tools you can use for yourself and your clients to break out of the summer slump and get back to a place of alignment.

Episode 114: 4 Things Every Coach Needs in their Business

As your coaching business grows, the way you do business has to grow with you. From clear offers to how your clients pay and the support you need as a business owner, in this episode I’m sharing the four elements every coach needs in their business.

Episode 110: Coaching Certifications: Updates You Need to Know

Is a coaching certification the next step in your journey? What do the recent ICF changes mean for you if you already completed an accredited program? Today I’m breaking down the changes to the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) credentialing and accreditation process and what it means for you as a coach.

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