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Category: Coaching Skills

Episode 109: How to Get Back on Track

What do you do when you feel stuck or unmotivated in your business? Six years into this journey, I’m still learning new ways to approach my work and the importance of creating time and space for self-reflection. Today I’m sharing lessons from my recent launch and how to get back on track in your coaching business.

Episode 108: Radical Healership with Laura Mae Northrup

Psychotherapist and author Laura Mae Northrup shares her perspective on doing our own healing work as healing practitioners, how to find your deep spiritual truth, why we need to rethink how systematic oppression influences our perspective in our practices, and her unique writing process.

Episode 107: What to Do When You Disagree with Your Client

When disagreements arise, it’s merely because we are human. It’s a normal occurrence that we can learn how to maneuver within our coaching relationships. In today’s episode, we’re diving into conflict and what to do when you and your client disagree with each other.

Episode 103: Starting a Coaching Business? Do this first!

Today I’m sharing the story of how my coaching business came to be and all of the mistakes I made along the way. The concepts and principles we’re talking about are applicable throughout the lifespan of your business so whether you’re brand new or you’ve been in practice for years, I think you’ll really enjoy this episode.

Episode 101: My Favorite Coaching Assessments

Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, StrengthsFinder, and the Energy Leadership Index have each played a big role in my personal development and in my coaching practice. Today we’re talking about how these tools can support you when used in the right context and resources you can use to find your type and learn more.

Episode 100: Top 10 Takeaways from 100 Podcast Episodes

Today I’m sharing my top 10 takeaways from the past 100 episodes about responsibility, creating content, processes, marketing, and purpose. We’re going beyond the podcast and into the journey of being a content creator, coach, and human being.

Episode 98: What to Do When A Client Ghosts You

Whether you’ve had a potential client who leaves you hanging in an empty Zoom call or a client who disappears without a trace, you’re not alone. I’m sharing some ways we can prevent this from happening in the first place and what to do when it does happen to you because if it hasn’t yet, it probably will.

Episode 87: The Opportunity-Overwhelm Cycle

As we enter the season of planning and preparation for the new year, many of us find ourselves going back and forth between the excitement about all the things we want to create and the anxiety and overwhelm at thought of actually doing them. That’s the Opportunity-Overwhelm Cycle and today we’re talking about why it happens and what we can do to break the cycle.

Episode 85: What Does “Ethical” Mean in Coaching?

The topic of ethics is critical not only in the context of the coaching profession but in business in general. When you define your own ethical standards, you’re really looking at how your values are brought to life through your actions. From there, it becomes much easier to talk about them in the context of coaching and with your clients and it makes it much easier to attract right-fit clients into your business.