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Category: Intentional Use of Self

Episode 130: Stop Doing These Things in Your Business

When business gets busy, it’s even more important to focus on what matters most. Today I’m sharing five things we should all stop doing in our coaching businesses to support our mental health and stay in alignment with our values.

Episode 126: How I’d Start My Coaching Practice Today

No matter where you are in business, it’s always a good idea to return to the fundamentals. Today I’m sharing the four keys to your coaching business and the lessons I’ve learned in the past six-plus years. From identifying your ideal client to building your email list, we’re talking about the foundational elements every coaching business needs.

Episode 124: How to Fail Successfully

When working with coaching clients, we often come from a place of trying to help them avoid failure. What if we shift that thinking? It’s not our job to help our clients eliminate failure. It’s to help them redefine their relationship with it and leverage that failure for success. Today we’re talking about navigating failure in a way that leverages our experiences into future success.

Episode 118: Should Coaches Tell Their Clients What to Do?

How can coaches provide guidance and input that centers your client while prioritizing the partnership and respecting the client’s autonomy? Today I’m sharing best practices for sharing thoughts and ideas with clients and how to course correct if you land in one of the common pitfalls.

Episode 116: How to Create Meaningful Content without Burning Yourself Out

Content marketing is a fantastic way to build relationships with the people we want to serve. At the same time, it can be a straight path to burnout without the proper support. Today we’re talking about the Content Cycle and how understanding its phases can support you at every stage of your content journey.