Category: Intuition & Energy


Episode 65: Transparency in Coaching

How much should you share? How will sharing serve your clients? What are you comfortable with? We’re talking about why transparency in coaching is important and how to figure out what’s appropriate for you, your clients, and your audience.

Episode 63: When Mindset Work is Toxic

While the messaging that your success and your happiness is exclusively dependent on your mindset can be empowering for some people, it ignores the very real external obstacles that many people face in our society. We’re talking about our responsibilities as coaches doing mindset work with clients.

Episode 21: What Kind of Coach Are You?

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, and especially if you listened to our Getting Started Series, you know that we have spent a lot of time talking about your coaching niche and how you can really connect with your ideal client. Today, however, we’re going to approach things from a slightly different perspective.

Rather than look at the questions of what you do, I want to look at through the lens of who you are. So, in this episode, we’re taking some time to examine the five primary coaching styles and how they relate to the type of coach you want to be.