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Grow with Groups

Grow With Groups!

Saturday, April 17th – 10am-5pm ET

Design your first – or your next – group coaching program during this virtual retreat!

Enroll by April 10th for a bonus Q&A session with Lee!

Stop dreaming about your group coaching program.

It's time to make it happen

You’re ready to scale up your coaching practice, but you’re lost on the how. Trying to figure it all out on your own has left you stuck and stalled out. 

  • You’d love to work with more clients, but when you look at your calendar, there’s simply no more room in your day.
  • As much as you love one-on-one coaching, the same thing day in and day out is starting to feel a little tiresome. You’re ready to mix it up and add some variety to your days!
  • You’re seeing the same challenges (and victories!) with your individual clients, and wondering if there’s a faster way to help them see results (and at a price point that opens your offers up to even more people).

Enjoy the ease of running group coaching programs — sooner than you think!

Once you have the foundations in place — knowing who your group is for and how you’ll structure it — you can start filling your new group and enjoying all the benefits of adding groups to your coaching business:

Welcome In More Clients

Group programs are a great way to build your client base and expand your visibility. Creating another tier makes your services accessible to even more people. (And some of those group clients may even turn into future 1:1 clients!) 

Give Yourself More Time

Moving from 1:1 to 1:many gives you hours back on your calendar, so you can have time for the people and things you love — whether that’s binging the latest Netflix original, fitting in a daily Peloton ride, or ending your work day early to spend more time with your kids. 

Create Additional Revenue

Group coaching is a great way to add a revenue stream to your business and increase your bottom line — without filling every single hour of your calendar or feeling like you’re tied to your laptop. 

Make A Greater Impact

You’re serving more people and growing your presence, which in turn means you’re having a bigger impact for your clients, your business, your community, and yourself.

Groups allow you to grow your business on multiple levels – clients, revenue, and impact – without overwork or overwhelm.

Even if you’ve never run a group program before, getting your first group off the ground doesn’t have to be so hard (or take you all of 2021 to put into action).

You're invited to

Grow with Groups!

Learn how to start and run a group coaching program so you can move from one-to-one to one-to-many in 2021!

With almost two decades of experience as a psychotherapist and ICF-credentialed coach, I'm taking all I've learned about creating, marketing, and running group programs and sharing it with you.

Special offer! Enroll by April 10th and get a bonus group Q&A call with me!

The Details


The Grow with Groups Retreat will be held on Saturday, April 17th from 10am to 5pm Eastern Time.


Virtually – in the comfort of your own home! We’ll be meeting in a private Zoom room. 


This retreat is designed for and veteran coaches seeking to expand their services and impact with a group program. 

The retreat is limited to 20 participants. Grab your spot before the event sells out!


This event is perfect for you if you’ve been wanting to run group programs, but you’re not sure where to start.

Come to learn how to run a group program AND experience group coaching first hand (so meta!)

Hear what others have to say…

Margarita Donies

C.A.L.M. Coaching

I can't wait to learn more from Lee!

The content Lee provides is great, and the experience she creates is amazing. I immediately connected with her personality, and I really appreciated the personalized approach she brings to coaching and teaching.

I highly recommend Lee for any coach that desires direction and wants to learn how to begin their business. 

Sylvia DeMott

Sylvia DeMott Coaching

Get ready to up-level your coaching

Before working with Lee, I had already invested in private business coaching and another marketing implementation program. That’s why it was especially important to make sure this was something different and valuable. And it is!Working with Lee has helped me sharpen my coaching skills and my business-building skills. I’ve gotten personalized, on-the-spot coaching and support, and I trust Lee as a coach and a facilitator.

Emily Souder

Iris Et Cetera

I've grown as a business owner! 

Early on, I was worried about gaining clients, and not sure whether or not my business was sustainable. And truthfully, I also was feeling isolated and lonely in business. Not anymore!Lee helped me build connections with other coaches, and she creates a wonderful and safe container for growth.I’m much more confident in my skills!

Here's what our day together looks like…

Grow with Groups combines a mix of teaching and implementation so you can put what you’re learning into action throughout the day. 

Each session also includes a breakout session when you’ll be working in pairs or triads to build out elements of your group coaching plan. These sessions are perfect for seeking feedback and guidance from your peers about your program!

By the end of the virtual retreat, you’ll leave with: 

  • Clarity on your ideal group client
  • A vision for your group program
  • An action plan for creating and filling your group program

Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover in each session:


Session One: Connect With Your Client

We’re taking ideal client and niche work to the next level by approaching it from a group perspective.

  • Determine what makes a client ideal for your group and how that differs from a 1:1 client
  • Learn how to ensure someone is a good fit for your program so you can create a harmonious group dynamic
  • Get feedback from your peers in a private mini-mastermind session


Session Two: Develop Your Program Framework

Develop the structure of your group coaching program to support your clients and play to your strengths.

  • Learn how to create an effective group coaching program
  • Find out what to include and what to leave out
  • Explore ways to create structure without stifling creativity
  • Create the framework of your group coaching program
  • Fine-tune your program in your mini-mastermind


Session Three: Clarify Your Strategy

From marketing to launching to running your group, discover the best practices for your group program!

  • Create your big-picture strategy AND tactical road map to bring your group to life
  • Learn simple strategies to market and fill your group
  • Discuss your next steps with your mini-mastermind


Session Four: Harness the magic of Clarity Mapping™

Discover how Clarity Mapping can help you launch your first group in the next 90 days!

  • Learn the Clarity Mapping system and create your own action plan
  • Explore how you can use this system with your own clients
  • Finalize your own Clarity Map and get ready to grow your group! 


And to Make Sure You're Supported After the Retreat,You'll Also Get Access to:

Bonus 1
Group Coaching Strategy Session in May 2021
  • Get targeted guidance and coaching even after the retreat is over!
  • Give yourself time to soak up the information, start working on your own group program, and ask any questions that come up during the process.
Bonus 2
The Coach with Clarity Client Creation Kit
  • Discover how to create a marketing plan that speaks to your clients AND centers your strengths and preferences
  • Use the Client Creation Matrix to solidify your marketing strategy and fill your group program
  • This is a pre-recorded training that you'll have access to – for life – when it is released in May/June 2021!
Bonus 3
Group Q&A Call in June 2021 (must enroll by April 10th!)
  • Got questions as you launch and run your group program? No worries! This session has you covered.
  • Bring any questions you have and get guidance from Lee during this additional group call!
  • Access to this special Q&A is available ONLY when you sign up for Grow with Groups by April 10th at 11:59pm ET.

Meet your host,Lee Chaix McDonough

Hi, I’m Lee, the Founder and CEO of Coach with Clarity®.

After working for more than fifteen years as a psychotherapist and public health professional, I launched a private coaching practice to support helpers and healers who were ready to grow successful businesses.

Through our work together, many of my clients realized they were interested in bringing a coaching approach into their work as well.

And thus Coach with Clarity was born.

Today, I work with coaches, intuitives, and healing professionals to find the place where their skills, their spirit, and their business sense meet.

In Grow with Groups, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about creating, marketing, and running successful group coaching programs. Grow with Groups is the head start I wish I had when creating my first group. I’m distilling all the lessons I’ve learned so you can start your first group on solid footing.

Here's what people are saying about Lee…

Emma Donovan

Emma Donovan Coaching

Lee is honest and authentic.

I had tried to start a coaching business on my own, but the pieces weren't quite fitting together. I wanted it to be both authentic AND successful, and I wasn’t resonating with the salesy, pushy, big-promise, one-size-fits-all marketing I was seeing from other coaches.

Lee’s approach to coaching is holistic and honest. I love her authenticity, heart, and presence. She takes the whole person into account and integrates the business of coaching with who we are as people.

Julie Pelletier

Moms Thriving

Lee is a wise, gifted coach and I completely trust her.

Before I started with Lee, I was overwhelmed and lacking clarity and direction in my business. I was concerned about how to book my first paid client, especially since mymarketing efforts up to then had been… let’s just say… inconsistent.All of that has changed! I now have a clear plan for social mediamarketing that I've been able to consistently follow each week, and a clearer sense of what mytarget audience wants and needs. Lee is worth every penny – and then some!

Kate Solis Silva

Kate Solis Silva Coaching

Lee is the real deal!

Before meeting Lee, I felt overwhelmed and unsure where to focus my entrepreneurial efforts. Iworried I would just keep spinning my wheels without moving forward.I really wanted a program that connected intuition with strategy – and I found it in Lee's membership. It has given me a space to improve my craft, with constant support fromother incredible coaches and from Lee herself. Lee’s personal insights, accessibility, and brass-tacks business support are key, and I love that I have access to these benefits.

What makesGrow with Groupsdifferent?


An effective group program balances your client’s needs and wants with your knowledge, experience, and abilities. I’ll show you how to find that balance.


I’ll show you how to use my tested Clarity Mapping approach to create your action plan (plus you’ll also receive a license to use Clarity Mapping with your own clients!)


Other courses take weeks or months to complete. In Grow with Groups, you’ll walk away with your concept and strategic plan in just one day.

Space is extremely limited, so reserve your spot today!

A half-day intensive session with me starts at $2,500 and includes personalized coaching and consultation for your business. But you can join me for this live retreat AND get access to a group coaching call, a Q&A call, AND the Coach with Clarity Client Creation System when you enroll today – for just $597!

One Time Payment


A one-day retreat to help you build and launch for first (or next!) group program

A $2997 value, yours for just



  • One-day virtual retreat focused on planning your first group program 
  • Bonus one-hour group call to ask questions, get feedback, and refine your program even further
  • Access to the Coach with Clarity Client Creation System

Plus get access to a bonus Q&A call when you enroll before…

Grow with Groups is for you if…

  • The idea of working IN a group ON your group program lights you up. You’re excited to learn from others in the group and support fellow coaches during breakout sessions. 

  • You’re seeking clarity around who is an ideal client for groups and how to structure a group program. You can't wait to map out the specifics of your group program and start welcoming new clients in!

  • You value an efficient, streamlined approach to program planning with time for implementation baked in. You’re ready to move into action — and you don’t want the overwhelm of one more Facebook group or multi-module course.

Grow with Groups is NOT for you if…

  • You’re looking for a long-term, private coaching experience. This is a group experience that doesn’t include any private support (outside of the limited-time only Voxer coaching bonus).
  • You have no interest in scaling your coaching practice with a group program.
  • You’re not prepared to collaborate and coach with others. This is an interactive program that will include breakout sessions. If you’re not willing to offer feedback to other participants in small groups, please don’t sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

One Time Payment


A one-day retreat to help you build and launch for first (or next!) group program

A $2997 value, yours for just



  • One-day virtual retreat focused on planning your first group program 
  • Bonus one-hour group call to ask questions, get feedback, and refine your program even further
  • Access to the Coach with Clarity Client Creation System

Let's build your group coaching program – together.

Ready to make 2021 the year you start offering group coaching — and amplifying your impact? Join us in Grow with Groups!

Coach with Clarity

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