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You are an Intuitive Coach!

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About You

As an Intuitive coach, you are calm, empathic, and wise, and you connect quickly with your clients, understanding them on a deep level.


  • are adept at sensing the message beneath the message

  • allow your inner wisdom to guide your work with your client

  • intuitively “get” your clients, and they feel it. They view you as a partner who helps them bring their vision to life.

One pitfall many Intuitives experience is that, in their desire to help, they prioritize intuition over data or external circumstances. Additionally, they may make “intuitive leaps” before the client has had a chance to come to their own understanding.

Intuitives may benefit from balancing or confirming their intuitive hits with outside information, and in being mindful of the client’s energy and level of awareness.

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(Because even though you're naturally an Intuitive coach, we all have traits of every style.)

Because you're an Intuitive coach, you know the value of allowing your intuition to guide your actions and decisions.

Yet there’s one question I consistently hear from Intuitive coaches…

I know I have so much to offer as a coach, but how do I find clients?

Oh friend, I get it. After all, you didn’t become a coach because you love sales and marketing. 

You became a coach because you’re a change maker, with a deep desire to support people in their transformational journey.

And you KNOW there are plenty of people who need exactly what you have to offer, and you’re ready to do what you do best — coach them!

But when it comes to actually finding potential clients… hello, overwhelm! 

It’s hard to know the best way to share your message with your ideal clients when there are just so many options.

How do you connect with your people so that you’re providing value while also showing them what’s possible with you as their coach?

No wonder you’re feeling frustrated and defeated. It’s enough to make any good coach cry. 

But what if you could leverage your skills and abilities as an INTUITIVE coach to create a streamlined, simplified system that generates clients with ease?

What would be possible when you use your gifts as not only your coaching superpower, but your client-attracting magic too?

Guess what, my friend?

You can!

The Coach with Clarity
Client Creation Kit!

The Coach with Clarity Client Creation Kit is a powerful online course filled with videos, worksheets, and expert checklists

With the Client Creation Kit, you’ll develop YOUR method of connecting with your ideal clients, while growing your network of raving fans and happy clients. 

You’ll discover how to create a simple, straightforward client-attracting strategy that’s grounded in your unique constellation of values, priorities, and strengths. 

And the best part? It’s fully customizable, so you’ll have a repeatable and effective marketing system you’ll actually WANT to implement!

Your Client Creation Kit includes:

The Four Keys to a Solid Coaching Business

(a $197 value)

Get super clear on exactly who you serve and what makes your approach to coaching perfect for your ideal client.

The Coach with Clarity Client Creation Matrix

(a $297 value)

You'll love my tried-and-tested formula for creating a marketing strategy that lights you up without burning you out.

Plus bonuses!

The Coach with Clarity Business Plan

(a $97 value)

Discover exactly who you serve, how you serve them, and what your business stand out from the crowd

The Coaching Business Checklist

(a $57 value)

Everything you need to get your business up and running the right way from the start

100+ Ways to Market Your Business

(a $57 value)

Never run out of choices to connect your with clients (but don’t worry, you won’t have to do ALL of them!)
I’ve never offered all of these resources in one easy-to-implement system — until now.
The combined value of each component is worth over $700.
But you can grab your complete kit today for just
$47 $37!

“You can trust Lee!”

Lee has been one of my most important people, especially during the pandemic, and I don’t know if I’d be doing what I’m doing without her. I’m just so grateful for her. She is genuine, professional, and pretty funny too!

I wholeheartedly recommend the Coach with Clarity Client Creation Kit to anyone starting or running a coaching business. This is the best resource out there. (And at this price, it’s a steal!)

So why buy this from me?

Hi, I’m Lee Chaix McDonough.

(It's pronounced Lee Shay McDunna, but you can just call me Lee!)

I’m an ICF-certified business coach, former therapist, host of the Coach with Clarity podcast, and author of the Amazon bestselling book, ACT On Your Business

My Coach with Clarity framework fuses meaning, mindset, and mindfulness with grounded intuition and solid business strategy, and has allowed me to help hundreds of coaches build successful businesses and fulfilling lives.

I know the hardships, struggles, and pitfalls of coaching and entrepreneurship, because I’ve experienced them myself — and I know the way through.

You’ll find everything you need to find your first — or your next — client inside the Coach with Clarity Client Creation Kit.

“Get ready to uplevel your coaching with Coach with Clarity!”

Before working with Lee, I had already invested in private business coaching and another marketing implementation program. That’s why it was especially important to make sure Coach with Clarity was something different and valuable. And it is!

I highly recommend Coach with Clarity to anyone who is serious about coaching and committed to their growth as a coach and business owner!

—Sylvia DeMott
Sylvia DeMott Coaching

Because you’re an Intuitive Coach, you know the importance of honoring your inner wisdom and leading with your values.

And when you purchase the Coach with Clarity Client Creation Kit today for just $47 $37, you’ll move forward with total confidence in your ability to help your clients achieve their goals, every single time.

The Coach with Clarity Client Creation Kit includes:


  • The Four Keys to a Solid Coaching Business ($197 value)
  • The Coach with Clarity Client Creation Matrix ($297 value)
  • The Coach with Clarity Business Plan ($97 value)
  • The Coaching Business Checklist ($57 value)
  • 100+ Marketing Ideas ($57 value)

Over $700 worth of business resources — for just $47 $37!

“Coach with Clarity is invaluable!”

As the founder of a growing coaching practice, I appreciate the support and training I receive in Coach with Clarity. I’ve been able to immediately implement the knowledge and ideas I’ve gained from Lee.

Lee is knowledgeable, compassionate, and has a real knack for getting to the heart of the issue. She is committed to providing high-quality services, and my work with her has been invaluable personally and professionally.

—Kimberly Dwyer
Intentional Private Practice

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