You're at a crossroads.

As a healer by nature and a coach by profession, you love helping people tap into their highest selves.

While you know this line of work is what you’re meant to do, you still feel that little tug, that voice saying “Something’s not quite right.”

That’s your intuition calling, my friend.

And it's telling you it’s time to tune in.

As coaches, we help our clients align with their intuition, with what’s driving them.

We find ways to help them work around the roadblocks that have stopped them in the past, and to find the places where they shine…

And yet, we still need that support for ourselves.

Mastering the art and business of coaching requires us to do our own work. To find that voice inside that guides us. And to tune into it.

To let it help you step into your power — your power as a business owner, your power as a transformational coach, your power in your own life.

You need (and crave) guidance to get there.

Wherever you want to take your work, whatever business and life you want to create for yourself, you can make that happen.

But you’re going to need a combination of mindset development and skillset training to help you get there.

You’re also going to need a community — and a coach — to support you.

If you’re craving support, resources, and training that helps you

align your coaching skills, spirit, and business intuition,

then I’d like to introduce you to the

I’m Lee Chaix McDonough, a business coach, former therapist, and the force behind Coach with Clarity®.

Coach with Clarity® is a holistic framework that supports coaches and healers as they align their mindset, skillset, and business intuition to take their clients, their business, and their lives to the next level.

As part of that framework, I’ve created the Coach with Clarity membership, a group program designed for fresh-faced and veteran coaches alike.

With the Coach with Clarity membership, you’ll build both your coaching and business mastery as you clarify your vision, develop your coaching skills and approach, and grow a business you love.

I know firsthand that being a great coach is about more than just skill-building, and it takes more than a pretty website and a catchy tagline.

It’s about developing the mindset you need to show up and serve your clients masterfully, step into your power as a coach, and build the business – and the life – of your dreams.


Here's how it all breaks down:



Every month, Lee provides live coaching to members in a group coaching call. These calls give you the chance to receive coaching from Lee AND to witness what transformational coaching looks like in action.

From how to structure a coaching session to which questions to ask and how to ensure your client achieves results, Lee breaks it all down in these sessions. After each hot seat, Lee will highlight the strategies she used and discuss how you can use them too.

Even if you’re not in the hot seat, you’ll still walk away with powerful insights you can immediately apply to your own coaching approach.



Every month, there will be a live training session for members covering an important coaching-related topic (skill-oriented and/or business building).

You’ll have access to guest instructors who are experts in their fields. Ask them questions, get their feedback, and implement what you learn each month into your own business.

Past topics include Building Your Visibility as a Guest Expert (with Melody Wilding of Melody Wilding, LLC), Mapping Your Client’s Journey (with Emily Walker of Modern Leaders Collective), and Creating Systems to Serve Your Practice (with Mariah Tomkinson of Bloom Hustle Grow). You can access recordings of past sessions in the membership portal once you join!



You got questions? We have answers! Submit your questions and Lee will go live monthly to answer them.

Whether it’s about building your business, finding your alignment, improving your mindset, connecting with your audience, or growing as a coach, this is YOUR time to get those burning questions answered! If you’re ever feeling stuck or not sure what to do next, all you have to do is ask for help.

Past Q&A sessions have addressed how to develop a strategic marketing plan and get in front of your ideal clients, how to structure a group coaching session, and what to do when your Inner Troll is screaming that you have no idea what you’re doing.



Every month, join Lee for a two-hour co-working session.

What is co-working? It’s a dedicated time and space to get sh!t done! Whatever project you’ve been working on (or procrastinating on), bring it to your next co-working session and get to work.

Lee will be with you, providing built-in accountability and camaraderie as you work side-by-side and check off those to-do list items.

During past co-working sessions, participants have written blog posts, created editorial calendars, developed new packages and offerings, and even submitted a book proposal to a publisher!

Here's how much it costs…

Choose the payment plan that works best for you!




for a 3-month membership,
then $99/month thereafter




for your first year of membership, then $997/year after.
Pay annually and save!

And to make sure you’re supported every step of the way,
you’ll ALSO receive access to:

The Private Coach with Clarity Facebook Group
(a $497/year value)
The Private Coach with Clarity Facebook Group (a $497/year value)
In the Coach with Clarity Facebook group, you’ll connect with other intuitive, heart-centered coaches who are committed to creating impact in their clients’ lives – and their own.

This community of dynamic, engaging, and wise coaches is where you’ll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly and accurately. Look forward to making new connections with coaches around the world!

The Coach with Clarity Facebook group is another place to get support from Lee. Expect to see Lee in the group on the regular, commenting on your posts and going live to discuss important coaching-related topics.

The Coach with Clarity Tool Kit
(a $597 value)
The Coach with Clarity Tool Kit (a $597 value)
The Coach with Clarity Tool Kit contains all of Lee’s templates and guides that she uses to run her own coaching practice.
Inside the Tool Kit, you’ll find resources like:

● The Deep Dive Conversation – Move your client from prospective to paid (no smarmy sales tactics required)
● Keyhole Coaching™ – Conduct powerful coaching sessions with every client, every time
● C.A.R.E. for your Client – Build rock-solid client relationships with ease

From how to structure your first session with a client, to creating a marketing plan, to converting a client from prospective to paid – it’s all in the Coach with Clarity Tool Kit.

The Coach with Clarity® Partner Coach Program
(a $197 value)
The Coach with Clarity® Partner Coach Program (a $197 value)
Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to practice coaching with? A partner to provide support and accountability on the journey? Coach with Clarity provides that!

Simply fill out a brief questionnaire, and Lee will personally match you with another Coach with Clarity® member. How you work with this person is up to the two of you – whether it’s peer coaching, accountability calls, co-working sessions… it’s your call!

You can request a new partner coach every 90 days (or stay with your partner if you choose!).

Participation in this aspect of Coach with Clarity is optional but encouraged.

Clarity Summit 2019 Recordings & Transcripts

Clarity Summit 2019 Recordings & Transcripts

The Clarity Summit is a 5-day event designed to help intuitive coaches build their business by providing practical business strategies and resources. From business growth to audience building, from social media strategy to mindset mastery, the Clarity Summit will cover the basics of creating and growing a profitable and fulfilling coaching business.

Join now to get lifetime access to all 18 Clarity Summit presentations, including the masterclass ($897 value), AND transcripts for every presentation ($197 value).


Questions people asked before saying “Yes!” to Coach with Clarity®
What if I’m new to coaching? Will this help me?

Absolutely! In Coach with Clarity, you’ll learn fundamental coaching skills that you can use to confidently serve your clients. You’ll also have access to business-building strategies to help you take those first steps, with a supportive community behind you.

What if I’ve been a coach for a while? Will this help me?

Yes, it will! The beauty of Coach with Clarity is that it’s comprehensive and multi-layered. Experienced coaches will benefit from observing and participating in the live calls. Monthly guest experts bring new, inspired approaches to the art and business of coaching. Plus, you’ll get targeted feedback directly from Lee and her team in the Facebook community.

I have my ACC/PCC/MCC through ICF. Can I get CCEs through Coach with Clarity?

Yes, you can! As of January 2020, Coach with Clarity is an ICF-accredited continuing coach education provider. You can earn up to 27 Core Competency and 12 Resource Development CCEs each year.

Hot Seat Coaching Calls and Q&A Sessions are approved for Core Competency credit. You must attend the session live and submit a CCE Request Form in order to receive CCE credit.

The Guest Expert Training Sessions are approved for Resource Development credit. You may attend live or watch the replay, and submit the CCE Request Form in order to receive CCE credit.

Learn more about ICF's Continuing Coach Education Requirements here.

I have my BCC through CCE. Can I get CCEs through Coach with Clarity?

Yes, you probably can. CCE no longer accredits continuing coach education programs. Instead, they require the credential holder to ensure that the training is in line with one of the six BCC competency areas. The six areas are:

  1. Screening and orientation in coaching
  2. Fundamental coaching skills
  3. Assessments in coaching
  4. Coaching approaches for individuals
  5. Coaching approaches for businesses and organizations
  6. Ethical and professional practice in coaching

Hot Seat Coaching Sessions and Q&A Calls address Fundamental Coaching Skills and Coaching Approaches for Individuals, and are likely eligible as training hours.

The topics of the Guest Expert Training Sessions vary, and may or may not meet one of the six competency areas based on that month's content.

Learn more about CCE's continuing education requirements here.

I’m already so busy. How much time will I need to invest in this training?

Coach with Clarity is completely self-paced, so you can make it fit into your schedule.

To get the most out of the membership, plan to set aside at least 2 hours per week to attend training calls, participate in the Facebook group, and implement what you’re learning in your own business. Since Coach with Clarity focuses on improving your skills as a coach, you’ll be able to quickly put what you’re learning to work in your own business.

How is the Coach with Clarity content delivered?

Coach with Clarity provides a hybrid approach to content delivery with a mix of live, recorded, and downloadable content.

The hot seat coaching calls and the business Q&A sessions will always be conducted live, with recordings for members who can’t attend live. The co-working sessions are also conducted live, but will not be recorded as there is no content being delivered. Most trainings will be live, though there may be some that are pre-recorded.

All members will access content through the Coach with Clarity membership portal. In this private portal, you’ll be able to access all session recordings and downloadable materials (the Coach with Clarity Tool Kit®, training handouts, etc.).
You’ll also get access to the private Coach with Clarity Facebook group for community interaction.

How do the hot seats work?

Every month, members will have the opportunity to apply for hot seat coaching. Lee will choose at least two members to receive coaching during each hot seat call, and they will be selected based on their desired coaching topic and its relevance for the entire membership.

Members who are not on the hot seat are encouraged to attend and observe the hot seat calls, as Lee will also review the techniques she uses in her coaching.

How do I access the live calls?

You will receive a Zoom link to access the calls, which will be emailed to you and posted in the Facebook group. If you’ve never used Zoom before, it’s incredibly easy, but you’ll need to download the software in advance.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

Not a problem! Every call is recorded, and you’ll be able to access the replays in your membership portal.

What types of results can I expect?

Your success is highly dependent upon your level of involvement and how you apply the skills and strategies in your business and your life. You have to do the work. Quite simply… you get out of it what you put into it.

Lee and her team commit to showing up for you fully at every session and in the Facebook group. We are here for you every step of the way.

There are several success stories… one founding member landed a regular client within the first six weeks of the membership. Another was featured in a nationally recognized blog post that gets millions of views a year. Another completed a book and landed a publisher! There's no limit to what's possible, and we're here to support you in your journey.

Why is there a three-month minimum for the standard membership?

Becoming a successful, transformational coach does not happen overnight. It requires a consistent investment of time and energy to develop your skills, to build your business, and to embrace your identity as a coach.

Lee and her team want you to succeed, and they commit to showing up fully and giving you the tools and support you need to be a success. But you have to commit to yourself too – which is why there’s a three-month minimum.

Can I still access the content if I cancel my membership?

After the last day of your membership, you will not be able to access the Coach with Clarity content in your membership portal and you will be removed from the private Facebook group.

You’ll still have access to any materials you’ve already downloaded from the portal.

What's the refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital products and the value of the downloadable content you have access to when you join, there are no refunds. If you have questions about the membership, please reach out at before you join.

What if I want private coaching?

I accept a limited number of private coaching clients every year. To learn more about my one-on-one services and discuss whether it’s the right fit for you, click here to apply for a consultation call.

Are you ready to find the place where your skillset, mindset, and business intuition meet?


It’s time to step into your power
as a transformational coach

It’s time to become a Coach with Clarity.

Join Coach with Clarity TODAY!