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This is where the magic happens.

It's no accident that you're here.

You're ready to create a bigger impact in the lives of those you serve. You're ready to leverage your existing knowledge, training, and experiences into a fulfilling (and profitable) coaching business.

You're ready to become a Coach with Clarity.

We believe in an aligned approach that allows you to build your coaching skills, your intuition, and business mastery. That's why we've created a collection of resources to help you develop your skills, your mindset, and your revenue.

Take advantage of our FREE and affordable resources to help you get started and, when you're ready to take your coaching to the next level, the Coach with Clarity membership will be here to support you.

What's Your Coaching Superpower?

There are five coaching types—which one are you?

Find out what makes you great—and what gets in your way—by taking the quiz TODAY!

Want to learn about all five types? Click for access!

The Therapist's Guide to Starting a Coaching Practice

There’s more to starting a coaching practice than being a good therapist.

Discover exactly what you need to do to transition from therapy to coaching, as well as how to create and grow your coaching practice and mindset.

Therapists and Coaching — Is It Ethical?

Wonder if it's ethical to maintain a therapy practice while pursuing a coaching business?

What about maintaining your license and other legal issues?

I help answer these questions and more in this free guide.

ACT On Your Business: Braving the storms of entrepreneurship and creating success through meaning, mindset, and mindfulness

by Lee Chaix McDonough

Discover the six keys to growing a successful business and a fulfilling life. Get your copy of ACT On Your Business today. Great for coaches, clients of coaches, and entrepreneurs of any type!

Clarity Summit Recordings

The Clarity Summit is designed for intuitive helpers, healers, and coaches who want to create and grow a profitable and fulfilling coaching business.

Gain access to all nineteen videos and transcripts for the 2019 Clarity Summit for just $97!

The Powerful Coaching Session Guide

Want to serve your clients powerfully? Then discover the one guide you need to create transformational change with every coaching client, every single time. Including a PDF and video training, you can start creating more Powerful Coaching Sessions for only $27.

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