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Episode 120: Should You Create a New Offer?

Coming up with an idea for a new offer in your coaching business is exciting and bringing that idea to life requires an investment of time, energy, and money. Today I’m sharing the exact questions to ask yourself before creating a new offer to ensure it’s aligned with your values and will ultimately benefit you and your clients.

120: Should You Create a New Offer?

It's a fantastic feeling to get an idea for a new offer. To me, it feels like lightning. I just feel lit up. I feel excited. I feel inspired. It's such a good feeling that it's easy to jump straight into creation mode without considering whether it's the best thing for your coaching business right now.

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Show Notes

It’s a fantastic feeling to get an idea for a new offer.

To me, it feels like lightning. I just feel lit up. I feel excited. I feel inspired.

It’s such a good feeling that it’s easy to jump straight into creation mode without considering whether it’s the best thing for your coaching business right now.

That’s why it’s so important to take a step back, ask yourself a few questions, and explore whether it’s worth the time, energy, and money you’ll be investing.

In this episode, I’m sharing the bullseye framework that I use myself and with my clients for deciding whether or not to create a new offer. I hope this will help you approach your new offer intentionally and with the solid knowledge that this will benefit your business in the long run.

Topics covered

  • Different ways to create a new offer in your coaching business
  • Balancing the desire to create something new with the importance of seeing things through
  • Why you should start by asking yourself this question
  • Exploring whether your new offer meets your ideal clients’ needs
  • Putting your new offer in the context of your spectrum of services
  • Getting clear on whether your business needs something new
  • Considering how your new offer will serve your broader community and the world

Resources mentioned

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Well, hello, my friend. Welcome to the Coach with Clarity Podcast. I am so happy you're here. My name is Lee Chaix McDonough, I'm the host of this show and today we are going to dive into a question that one of my clients asked me recently. And the minute she asked that I thought to myself, “Oh, yes, this is going to make for a great podcast episode.” So many thanks to her you know who you are, for inspiring today's show. We're gonna dive into what we need to consider before we create a new offer in our business. Now, how we define offer may vary business to business, we might be talking about an entirely new way that we are going to support our clients. So for example, if you're a coach who has been providing primarily one on one coaching services, you may be interested in starting a group program. That would be an entirely different kind of offer, because it's a whole new way that you are showing up and supporting your people. On the flip side, you may be looking at just creating a different focus for an existing way that you support your clients. So again, if you are doing one on one coaching, you may continue to provide one on one coaching, but maybe it's a different style of session, maybe you want to do a VIP day as opposed to an extended time package. There's all sorts of different ways that we can approach this idea of a new offer. But before we rush off and create something new, I think there are some questions we need to ask ourselves first, when we do that we explore number one, “Do I need to be creating this new offer in my business?” Number two, “Is now the right time for me to be creating it?” And number three, “What will I need to do or invest in, in order to bring this new offer to life?” So I'm going to walk you through some of the considerations I keep in mind when I'm thinking about adding a new offer to my business. These are the very same set of questions that I asked my clients when they're exploring whether they should create something new as well. Now I feel like I should preface this conversation by admitting full on that I love that feeling I get when I have a new idea for a new offer. To me, it feels like lightning, I can feel it in my body, I just feel lit up, I feel excited, I feel inspired. And I'll be honest with you, sometimes I wonder if I am just creating these new ideas for new offers, because I want to chase that feeling a bit. So yes, full disclosure upfront, I love the feeling of creating new offers, both for myself in my own business, and also when I'm working with my clients. And that's why it's even more important that I asked myself these questions and that I asked some of my clients as well, because I want to make sure that if I'm going to invest the time, the energy and the money in creating a new offer, I'm doing so not from a place of wanting to seek that excitement, or even that high that comes from a new offer. But instead I'm approaching it intentionally grounded, and with a solid knowledge that this will benefit my business in the long run. So that happens to be something I know that I need to be on the lookout for. Perhaps, it's because I have high quickstart tendencies, at least according to my Kolbe assessment. I am also a Manifesting Generator, according to Human Design theory. All of these things suggests that I am someone who can take action quickly, who likes to have a lot of projects going at once. And I also know that in business consistency matters. It really pays off in the end. So I find that I have to balance my desire to create something new with the importance of seeing things through. So if that resonates with you, trust me, you're not alone. Likewise, if you're someone that frequently talks about shiny object syndrome, if you find yourself getting pulled away by new thoughts and ideas, then I think you'll find our discussion today to be particularly helpful. And I hope it's clear too, that there's nothing inherently wrong with being an ideas person, of coming up with lots of ideas for your business or for your life. I think that's a superpower. And I think successful entrepreneurs know how to seek opportunities and know when to create new things in their businesses. So I don't necessarily view that as being a bad thing or something that we need to fix. It's more about understanding what our own tendencies are, how they serve us, and maybe what pitfalls we might fall into. Because when we're aware of that, then we can make decisions from an informed place. 


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