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Episode 145: Work Your Inner Wisdom, The Soul of an Offer with Megan Hale

Talking about money and money mindset trips up a lot of entrepreneurs, including spiritual entrepreneurs. As Megan mentions in this episode, there are so many different messages on what “success” means. When it comes to money, everyone claims to have a formula for success.
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Show Notes

In this episode, Megan and I attempt to define spiritual entrepreneurship and intuition in business by asking ourselves the uncomfortable questions about money that are often shied away from – from putting a dollar amount on our skills to selling with integrity and fun. Megan Hale is a leadership coach and integrity expert. Through grounded leadership, she guides her clients to hold exquisite space for themselves during times of deep expansion while consistently growing their profits and visibility to serve at their highest level. She’s a former psychotherapist and current leadership coach for women entrepreneurs, describing her work as grounded wisdom, where both life and business show up in their fullest expression.

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Well hello my friend. Welcome to the Coach with Clarity podcast. I'm your host Lee Chaix McDonough and today I am delighted to pull one of my past interviews out of the archives and share it with you. This interview was originally conducted as part of Work Your Inner Wisdom, my very first podcast, and it features my close friend and confidant Megan Hale. You may be familiar with Megan's work, and she is certainly one of the preeminent voices in the field around business coaching and generating revenue in a way that is grounded in intuition and integrity. And that is exactly what we explored all the way back in 2019 on the Work Your Inner Wisdom podcast, and there are so many gems in our conversation, I knew I had to share it with you. We talk about what it means to blend integrity and intuition. We look at how we can define spiritual entrepreneurship and create space for the spiritual, and the political inside our business. We also explore the concept of financial abundance and how that's often connected to our worthiness and what it looks like to create an offer and sell it from a place of integrity and fun. I mean, we really dive into a lot in this conversation, and it is just as relevant today as it was back in 2019. So I am absolutely honored to introduce you to my dear friend Megan Hale, as we explore how to connect with the soul of your offer.

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