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Episode 158: The Art of Coaching: Developing Your Coaching Presence

Embodying a coaching presence is at the core of partnering with our clients to co-create a space where they feel seen, heard, and understood. Today we’re exploring what that looks like in your day-to-day coaching, why I believe this is a prerequisite to becoming a powerful coach, and what you can do to build your coaching presence.

158: The Art of Coaching: Developing Your Coaching Presence

Knowing how to embody a coaching presence is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to be a powerful coach. It's one of the core competencies of the International Coaching Federation and is at the root of being able to show up and serve our clients effectively.

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Show Notes

Knowing how to embody a coaching presence is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to be a powerful coach. It’s one of the core competencies of the International Coaching Federation and is at the root of being able to show up and serve our clients effectively.

As coaches, we support our clients in achieving their goals and, ultimately, in their pursuit of accomplishment, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Over the next several weeks, we’ll explore how we can do that and the skills we need to master to coach with clarity.

Today we’re marking the beginning of that journey with an exploration of what coaching presence is, what it means, and how we can develop and deepen our presence to serve our clients. Enjoy the episode!

Topics covered

  • The art and craft of coaching with clarity
  • Why I believe coaches are more important now than ever before
  • How I see AI as a potential asset for coaches
  • Why we’ll be exploring different skills we need to enhance our client relationships
  • How the Certified Clarity Coach Program can support you in becoming a masterful coach
  • What it means to embody a coaching presence
  • Why developing our coaching presence starts with self-awareness
  • Two key ways to enhance your self-awareness
  • The value of mentor coaching
  • How showing up as a blank slate does a disservice to your clients

Resources mentioned

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Well, hello there, my friend. Welcome to the Coach with Clarity podcast. I'm your host, Lee Chaix McDonough and I am really excited that you are joining me today. Today we are kicking off a multi week series all about what it means to coach with clarity. When I chose Coach With as my brand, I did so because I was really intrigued with what it meant both as a noun and as a verb. So as a noun, I am a coach with clarity, you are a coach with clarity. And everything we talk about on this podcast is designed to help you be an even stronger coach with clarity. So that's the noun form, but the verb form, that's what I'm most interested in. I am interested in the art and craft of coaching. I am interested in exploring what it looks like to coach with clarity. And so that's why for the last few months, I have been thinking about doing a series about the craft of coaching and the skills that we as coaches need to develop and master in order to powerfully serve our clients. And I've been thinking about this for some time, and now more than ever before, I think a series about the art of coaching is so relevant and so timely, especially as we are seeing the rise of artificial intelligence or AI, in our work and in our lives. And I would make the argument that because we are seeing this rise of AI, and let's be honest, this has been happening for years. I think the last few months, as we've seen how quickly AI is developing, especially with ChatGPT, it's on people's minds now more than ever before. But this has been a long time coming. And I propose that as artificial intelligence becomes more popular and allows people to do more in less time and for less money, coaching and coaches in particular are also more important now than ever before. We are seeing AI being used to share content and information with people. Now we still need to verify and vet that information, AI is not perfect and based on where that information is sourced from, ChatGPT for example, may not be providing you with 100% accurate information. So it is still on the consumer, it is still on the user to vet and verify that information. But that is what AI is so good at. It's good at informing us, creating systems, creating processes, and I can see value in that. In fact, I see value in that in my own work. It is saving me a lot of time to create outlines and first drafts of content that I want to share. But that's the thing, it's outlines and first drafts. It is by no means final drafts because one thing AI can't do is infuse your work, with your specific personality, with your stories, your experiences and your wisdom. So I see AI as being a really helpful jumping off point for coaches and entrepreneurs alike. But I don't see AI as being a threat to the coaching industry whatsoever. Because at the heart of powerful coaching is the relationship between the coach and the client. So much of what we do as coaches is hold space for our clients. We partner with them to create a container in which they can explore and imagine and process and pursue their dreams. And we are able to connect with them on an intuitive level, to ask the right questions, to provide ideas when appropriate, and to support them and provide that accountability and structure and encouragement every step of the way. And those, I believe, are uniquely human qualities that AI just can't replicate. Sure, I may be able to set up a system through AI where I'm reminded to do things, maybe it'll even give me little motivating quotes. But behind that, I know that I am not connecting with another soul. I am connecting with technology. And I am all for using technology to improve our lives. I have no problem with AI, and I can see myself utilizing AI in very specific instances in my business. But one thing AI will not do is replace my own coach. AI will not replace my relationships with other coaches and colleagues and my clients. Because there is still something so uniquely human about the coaching experience that cannot be replicated by AI. It can't now and I just don't see it happening in the future either. Humans crave connection. We are social beings. We need each other. And that is not something that AI can replace. And as we see the advancement of this kind of technology, this is why I see coaching becoming even more important now than it's ever been before. Because we need that human relationship to complement the technological advances we are making in society. So from a business perspective, I can see how AI really can support us as coaches, there are so many ways that we can responsibly and ethically use AI to become more efficient and more effective in how we deliver our services. But that actual service, that remains the relationship. And so that's why over the next several weeks, we are going to be exploring different skills that we as coaches need to develop in order to enhance the relationship we have with our clients so that we can help them achieve their goals and deepen their level of fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives. Because regardless of who you serve or what your niche is, that's really what our clients are looking for. They want to accomplish things in their lives for very specific reasons. But on a deeper level, it's to feel fulfilled, it's to feel satisfied. And as coaches, we can support them in that process. So we're going to be spending several weeks talking about all the different ways we can do that as coaches and the skills that we need to build and master in order to be the very best coaches we can be in order to coach with clarity. 

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