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Coach with Clarity

Vision, Mission, and Values Statements


The vision of Coach with Clarity is a world centered in meaning, justice, and joy, co-created with coaches, entrepreneurs, and our communities, through the teaching and practice of coaching.


At Coach with Clarity, we show creative, innovative professionals how to combine their talents, experience, and intuition with a powerful coaching methodology, so they can create a flexible, meaningful business that serves their people and supports their families — without selling their souls.

At Coach with Clarity, we believe in the power of coaching to change the world, one person at a time, and we're committed to serving and growing the coaching profession through quality training and education.

We provide and model exemplary coaching through comprehensive and accredited coach training that prioritizes innovation, intuition, and inclusivity.

Through the Coach with Clarity Membership, we provide ICF-accredited continuing education to help coaches build their coaching skills and business acumen.

Through the Coach with Clarity Certification Program, we train and certify intuitive, service-focused professionals to become powerful coaches.


Radical Service

Radical service is a multi-sphered and evolving practice, beginning first with service to self, continuing outward in service to others and our own communities, further extending in service to society, and finally culminating in service to our global community. 

Every conversation, decision, and action we choose is anchored in one or more of these levels, all while mindfully maintaining our unwavering commitment to equity, inclusion, and racial justice.

Typically, when we hear “service” as a value, the focus is on caring for and helping others.

Radical Service deepens this approach in two ways:

First, it emphasizes service to the self before striving to meet the needs of others. For many of us (particularly women), this goes against what we've been taught and conditioned to do. But if we do not start by ensuring we have what we need to thrive, we cannot serve and support others.

Second, it expands the impact of service so that it ripples out from our community, to our society, and to the world at large. Everything we do – for ourselves and for others – creates an energetic impact that extends outwards. How we treat ourselves and those in our businesses and our lives affects the health and wellbeing of the worlde

Conscious Connection

Conscious connection requires us to acknowledge and honor the ways in which we are innately and inherently connected to each other and to the world around us. 

We believe in starting with the recognition of our intrapersonal connections to:

  • the self: our values, ethics, intuition, and inner wisdom;
  • legacy: the impact we create in and for the world;
  • culture: the beliefs, attitudes, values, and practices with which we identify, either by choice, assumption, or coercion;
  • generational cycles: the patterns, dynamics, and beliefs we have inherited and/or learned, and our role in either upholding or dismantling them; and
  • belief system: our spiritual, religious, philosophical, and/or moral principles.

We foster meaningful relationships with others by intentionally recognizing and honoring their intrapersonal connections as a true and sacred expression of their lived experience. 

We acknowledge the influence of oppression, racism, marginalization, and injustice on a person’s lived experience, and we seek to take down these systems through accompliceship and collaboration.

Conscious Connection creates a strong visual image in my mind’s eye.

Imagine yourself in full alignment with your deepest, truest self. You are fully aligned and radiating from you core. (Self)

That alignment allows you to root down into your past, your personal and social history, and own both the shadow and the light. (Generational Cycles)

It also allows you to reach up and connect with something beyond yourself, whether that's Spirit, Source, God, or a system of shared values. (Belief System)

From this place of inner connectivity, you understand that each and every person in the world has the same capacity for this type connection. Everyone has their own Above-Within-Below triad that is informed by their history, their beliefs, their values – and each person is worthy of respect and love. This transforms the intrapersonal to the interpersonal, and connects them to you. (Culture)

And through these shared bonds, we can co-create the world we desire. (Legacy)

Powerful Presence

Powerful presence is the full embodiment of leadership, authority, mastery, and wisdom, which we seek to build in ourselves and in others. 

We believe that presence and privilege are frequently entwined, and we are committed to using both to amplify marginalized voices and to call out systemic racism, xenophobia, White supremacy, LGBTQ+ oppression, and the centering of the White cis-het male experience.

Presence requires one’s full attention and engagement, and we enter every interaction with openness and curiosity. We also acknowledge any privilege and inequitable power dynamics that are present in these interactions, and work to dismantle them in an effort to promote autonomy and agency for all.

Presence has a double meaning. For those of us with a background in mindfulness, it may suggest present-moment awareness and full engagement in the now.

That definition is certainly relevant to the work we do as coaches. But the value of Powerful Presence deepens present-moment awareness and asks us to stand in our power, our authority, and our wisdom.

Powerful Presence also calls us to own our shadow side, blindspots, and privilege, and to account for how our presence affects others. In doing so, we promote authentic awareness – and that's the very heart of mindfulness.

Liberative Love

“None of us are free, if one of us are chained.”* Through liberative love, we seek to free those who are chained by social and economic discrimination, while working to build a just and equitable society. 

Liberative love transcends love-as-emotion and demands love-as-action. We embody liberative love by cultivating awareness, compassion, empathy, gratitude, accompliceship, and joy.

*From the song “None of Us Are Free,” written by Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, and Brenda Russell.

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